Weekly Vacation Rain Protection

A vacation is a big commitment. A great vacation pays the traveler back with a great experience, but nothing sours a vacation like being stuck indoors due to rain. There are plenty of products that are designed to cover events that occur before your vacation, but do little to protect your experience once you are there. Now with weather coverage backed by ProtectWeather a traveler can choose to cover all or a portion of your vacation rental cost. If it rains on four or more days during your week-long vacation, the traveler will receive a payment equal to your coverage amount.

Event Rain Protection

Whether an event is a quick celebration or a multi-day festival, rain can really put a damper on the fun. Weather coverage backed by ProtectWeather pays the host if it rains on any day for which you have purchased protection. A host may purchase protection for as short as one hour up to several days. ProtectWeather is completely customizable to your event’s needs.

Seasonal Rain Protection

Protecting a season long vacation has been difficult until now. With weather protection backed by ProtectWeather a traveler can relax and enjoy the total vacation season. With our customizable product, anyone can protect up to the full amount of a summer rental, giving the traveler the freedom from weather worry.

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