Stay Protection
Benefits for

Not insurance, just a simple added paragraph in lease

Clients see you as the value added provider, not just a broker

Earn additional revenue while protecting your leases from weather related refund requests

How Stay Protection Works

The client's buying experience

1. Client is offered a refund of rental if it rains 4 or more days that week

2. The cost is 6% of rental rate(e.g. $210 on a $3,500 weekly rental)

3. The total lease cost is $3,710

4. Client pays you directly in the same manner as current leases

RealTimeRental Partners

If you are currently using Real Time Rental for your reservation and booking keeping system, simply enable our product from within the portal.

Managing your inventory on another platform?

Complete the form and we’ll step you through how to add weather protection to your product offering.