It can be frustrating when plans for an outdoor event or adventure turns into indoor activities you could have done at home. We can't stop the weather but we can help you recover some of your costs. ProtectWeather helps provide financial peace of mind for your event or vacation.

Vacationers buy a vacation with weather protection coverage provided by ProtectWeather

If the vacation is ruined due to rain, the weather coverage backed by ProtectWeather is paid out

ProtectWeather payments from CX Markets are automatic and require no complicated paperwork

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Event Planners

Whether your event is a quick outdoor celebration or a multi-day festival, rain can really put a damper on your guest’s fun. Rainy Day Event Protection from ProtectWeather allows you to get paid for the full cost of your event if it gets washed out due to rain. You can personalize your protection to cover your event for specific days, or for only a portion of the event’s costs.

Every event is unique - so is our protection

Vacation Brokers & Managers
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